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Our lecturers are hand-picked for their in-depth expertise and ability to convey
their experiences to maximise the learning experience of our delegates. They also
are friendly, approachable, and able to have a good laugh! The intensive, yet
informal, atmosphere at the XML Summer School gives delegates the opportunity to
pick the brains of our expert faculty, both during the classes and afterwards over
a meal or in the bar.

Faculty Members

John Chelsom
John Chelsom
John Chelsom has worked for over 30 years in the field of Health Informatics.

He has been a Visiting Professor in Health Informatics at City University, London and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria, Canada. He is a consultant for the World Bank where he is an invited expert on Telemedicine, publishing a handbook for Rural Telemedicine in Ukraine.He is currently Director of the Applied Health Informatics program at Fordham University.

In the 1990’s he was heavily involved in the application of open standards for structured information in the publishing, automotive and healthcare sectors. He started a company which developed the first web-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) product deployed in the England’s National Health Service (NHS). This product went on to form the foundation of the Summary Care Record in England’s National Health Service, starting in 2004.

As well as EHR systems, John was also responsible for the first online versions of the BMJ’s Clinical Evidence product, the first XML production system for the British National Formulary and was a proposer of the Open Document Format for Office Applications.

John teaches on the Hands-on Introduction to XML and the XForms in Action courses.

Steven Pemberton

Steven Pemberton
Steven Pemberton is a researcher affiliated with CWI, Amsterdam, the Dutch national research centre for mathematics and informatics. His research is in interaction, and how the underlying software architecture can support users.

He co-designed the ABC programming language that formed the basis for Python, and was one of the first handful of people on the open internet in Europe, when the CWI set it up in 1988. Involved with the Web from the beginning, he organised two workshops at the first Web Conference in 1994. For the best part of a decade he chaired the W3C HTML working group, and has co-authored many web standards, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XForms and RDFa. He now chairs the XForms and ixml groups at W3C. More details at

Steven teaches the XForms in Action course

Priscilla Walmsley
Priscilla Walmsley

Priscilla Walmsley is a senior developer and managing director at Datypic,
specializing in XML architecture and implementation. She provides contract
development and training services in XML core technologies (XQuery, XSLT, XML
Schema), content management and electronic publishing.

Priscilla was a member of the W3C XML Schema Working Group from 1999 to 2004,
where she served as an Invited Expert. She is the author of Definitive XML Schema
(Prentice Hall PTR, 2012), and XQuery (O’Reilly Media, 2015).

Priscilla teaches on the XSLT & XQuery course.

Adam Retter

Adam RetterAdam Retter is both an independent consultant and a co-founder of eXist Solutions GmbH. Adam has been
working with XML technologies and contributing to eXist since 2005. He has almost 15 years
of experience in building Web Applications and Distributed Application
Architectures. Adam has worked with many different technologies and programming
languages in the past, but has been particularly enjoying XQuery and Scala over
the last few years. Adam is passionate about Open Source and Open Standards. As
such he is an invited expert on the W3C XQuery Working Group and sits on the
peer-review panels of the XML Prague, Balisage, and XML London conferences. Adam also
founded the EXQuery project in early 2009,
and has since been working with the XML community and as part of the EXPath project to standardise and improve
XML application development with XQuery, XSLT, and XPath.

Adam’s homepage is at

Adam teaches on the Hands-on Introduction to XML course and the XSLT & XQuery course.

Tomos Hillman
Tomos Hillman
Tom has a decade of experience with XML, XSLT, XQuery and related technologies,
particularly in the field of digital publishing, quality analysis, and
transformation. He has given training courses to various institutions including
publishers, universities and the UN, as well as being a founding committee
member of the Markup UK conference.

Originally from Wales, he now lives with his family in Yorkshire. Tom doesn’t
like to conform to stereotypes, but a deep love of Star Wars, board games,
fiction and animation sometimes make this hard.

Tomos teaches on the Hands-on Introduction to XML course and the XSLT & XQuery course.