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Venue 2009

St Edmunds Hall

For 2009, the XML Summer School is delighted to return to our original venue at St Edmund Hall.

Although a College in the strict sense only since 1957, the history of St Edmund Hall goes back to the thirteenth century, for it is the sole survivor of the medieval Halls that provided undergraduates with accommodation and tuition before the Colleges began to do so. It therefore lays claim to being “the oldest academical society for the education of undergraduates”.

The college takes its name from St Edmund of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury (1234-40), who traditionally resided and taught in a house at the western end of the present front quadrangle when he was a Regent Master in the Arts, probably in the 1190s.

Situated right in the heart of Oxford, Teddy Hall (as it is affectionately known) combines the ancient traditions and buildings that make Oxford famous, with modern teaching facilities and accommodation. From the moment you are greeted at the Front Lodge, you will be immersed in the same magical experience enjoyed by today’s undergraduate and post-graduate students.


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