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Faculty Board 2009

The XML Summer School Faculty Board includes some of the biggest names in XML, who have designed the high quality curriculum and invited a fantastic array of experts to prepare and deliver classes.

The Board operates under the stewardship of Course Director, Dr Lauren Wood. The full Board is made up of the following members:

Dr. Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood is an experienced internet project, program, and product manager. She has a long history in working with XML, and before that SGML, with experience in XML projects ranging from publishing to significant input into SoftQuad’s XMetaL XML editor. She chaired the US XML Conference from 2001 to 2005, chaired the W3C DOM Working Group from its inception to the end of Level 2, and played an active role in many other OASIS and W3C technical committees.

Lauren also has experience in settings where XML is used more under the covers, such as chairing the Business Marketing Expert Group for the Liberty Alliance, managing the localisation and accessibility feature teams for SoftQuad’s HoTMetaL HTML editor, and most recently, managing a project for Sun Microsystems that involved cloud computing, client-side software, and hardware design.

Lauren has been a Faculty member of the Summer School since the beginning. In her spare time she knits and renovates the house.

Lauren chairs the Semantic Technologies and Trends and Transients courses.

Professor John Chelsom

John Chelsom is a partner at Eleven Informatics, a consultancy firm specialising in the application of open standards and open source software, using Agile development techniques. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Health Informatics, City University London.

Previously he was founder and Managing Director of CSW Group, which was involved in the design and development of major XML systems for Ford Motor Co, Xerox Corp, the BBC and Johnson & Johnson. CSW also supplied the underlying software for probably the world’s largest XML transaction processing database delivering patient record information for the National Health Service in England. John started the XML Summer School in 2000 with colleagues from CSW.

John chairs the Hands-on Introduction to XML course.

Professor Ron Summers

Ron Summers is Professor of Information Engineering at Loughborough University in the UK, where he is a member of the Systems Division in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. As well as general interests in the process of knowledge transfer between academia and industry and vice versa, he has research interests in the application of open source software to the health and pharmaceutical domains. Although his work has thus far been limited to working with industry in Europe, he is set to extend both the geographic boundary and discipline boundary in which he works as a consequence of partnering with a Government department on technology roadmaps. Seen as fertile ground for a re-appreciation of the use of an open source approach for data collection, processing, visualisation, storage and reservation, the issues generated will keep him busy until at least the next XML Summer School!

Ron chairs the Open Source XML Applications course.

Bob DuCharme

Bob DuCharme is a Solutions Architect at Innodata Isogen. In the newsletter, editor Kendall Clark once wrote “Does anyone write tech prose as clear as Bob?” Bob is the author of Manning Publications’ “XSLT Quickly,” Prentice Hall’s “XML: The Annotated Specification” and “SGML CD,” and McGraw Hill’s “Operating Systems Handbook.” He’s written over seventy pieces for and has contributed to Dr. Dobb’s Journal, IBM developerWorks, DevX,, XML Magazine, XML Journal, XML Developer, O’Reilly Books’ “XML Hacks,” and Prentice Hall’s “XML Handbook.” Bob received his BA in Religion from Columbia University and his Masters in Computer Science from New York University. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Bob chairs the XSLT, XSL-FO and XQuery course.

Eve Maler

Eve Maler is a Distinguished Engineer in PayPal’s Identity Services group, where she drives the development of security and identity strategies for enabling consumer choice in permissioning of personal data sharing.

Eve was one of the inventors of XML; she also co-founded the SAML effort and has made major leadership, technical, and educational contributions to many other standards and technical communities. In recent times she has focused primarily on consumer trust, privacy, and empowerment issues in Web identity and permissioned data-sharing. She launched an open effort called User-Managed Access to explore long-term solutions in this area.

Eve is a sought-after public speaker, and serves as the chair of the Web Services and Identity track of the annual XML Summer School held at University of Oxford.

Eve co-authored Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup, a book that provided a unique methodology for information analysis and SGML schema design. Eve’s blog, Pushing String at, touches on topics both technical and whimsical.

Eve chairs the Web Services and Identity course.

Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn has over 30 years experience in IT and information management. He currently manages the electronic publishing unit at University College Cork, and also has his own text management consultancy, Silmaril, where he works mainly with industrial production and research systems.

Peter was a member of the W3C’s XML Special Interest Group and a member of the IETF’s Working Group on HTML. He is maintainer of the XML FAQ and author of The World-Wide Web Handbook (ITCP, 1995) and Understanding SGML and XML Tools (Kluwer, 1998). He has recently been researching the usability of editors for structured documents.

In what’s left of his time he likes to cook, surf, read, and listen to early music.

Peter chairs the Web 2.0 with XML course.