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Daily Timetable 2018

Each day of the Summer School follows the same basic timetable for classes and breaks. The Hands-on Introduction has four 90 minute classes each day for three days (18 hours total teaching). The two-day course have two 3-hour classes each day, making a total of twelve hours of teaching.

Each class consists of a lecture combined with a more interactive ‘tutorial’ style session where delegates have the chance to test the concepts they have heard about in the lecture and interact with the tutors and other delegates. The split of time between lecture and tutorial within each class depends on the nature of the class, with the hands-on classes tending to have more tutorial time.

The Trends and Transients day follows the same overall timings as other the courses but follows a more flexible structure, with a mix of learning formats and an emphasis on discussion and debate – it’s the one place on the Summer School where our experts are encouraged to disagree with each other!

The timetable for each day is as follows:

Start time Description End Time Duration
09:30 Morning Class 11:00 90 mins
11:00 Coffee Break 11:30 30 mins
11:30 Morning Class continues 13:00 90 mins
13:00 Lunch Break 14:00 60 mins
14:00 Afternoon Class 15:30 90 mins
15:30 Tea Break 16:00 30 mins
16:00 Afternoon Class continues 17:30 90 mins

Dinner is at 7 pm each evening in the Wolfson Hall, apart from Sunday, when it’s in the Old Dining Hall in the Front Quad. On Monday it’s after the punting, so may be a little later.