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XML Master Classes

Each Master Class lasts a whole day, with four lessons presented by expert faculty members, who are leaders in their field. The classes are suitable for more experienced XML users or newcomers who have completed the Hands-on Introduction.

Classes include hands-on exercises that can be completed in the class itself, or worked on in your own time,

Whatever the topic, the classes will expose delegates to a wide range of XML tricks and techniques using XPath, XSLT, XQuery and XForms. We anticipate that delegates will benefit from attending all the classes, over the two days, even if the topic doesn’t seem immediately relevant to your own work. However, if you do want to skip a class, then all our faculty experts will be available throughout the two days to discuss and advise on your own specific needs or to help you with completing the class exercises.

  • Thursday – Artificial Intelligence with XForms
  • Friday – XSLT and XQuery